LiaServices is a startup founded in 2017 to create a better user experience amongst e-commerce websites by a motivated and committed team. It has been able to quickly secure its position amongst competitors through experts in the fields of marketing, software engineering, and information technology to provide new services to its target audience.
LiaServices is a company active in high-tech with dozens of different products such as e-commerce website, gamification-based educational and competitive platform, video streaming, user-centric product recommendation system, LiaExpress system, customer relationship management system, statistical data monitoring and analyzing system, automated warehousing system, etc. It has provided all the essential services to serve customers and has developed significantly due to these products advancement.


Providing an opportunity for continuous learning in a dynamic and productive environment for our team members in the form of professional and sincere collaboration is our most precious asset. We all work together at LiaServices to develop software products and services to create a distinctive user experience for our target audience. We aim to create value to enhance our team’s level of knowledge in the course of success. Our activities at LiaServices are based on teamwork, responsibility, and professionalism to streamline and continuously improve processes through the hope to move forward with the cooperation of professional, ethical, and proficient people to achieve our goals. We are pleased to invite you to join LiaServices; Here, you have the opportunity to work in any specialty, from marketing to software engineering.

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We want everyone to be healthy, travel often, get time to give back, and have the financial resources and support they need.

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This financial evaluation and planning system has been set up to provide personalized fiscal proposals to increase representative revenues.

Due to the importance of data in sales and organizational decision-making processes, all Liaservices stakeholders can use Insight data monitoring and analysis tool.

This financial processing and accounting system was launched to verify, create transparency, and accelerate financial processing.

A personalized promotion system called Promotion was launched to manage different campaigns, discount promotions, special offers, etc. in Liashop.

To optimize all parts and processes of the supply chain, identify and optimize product journey, facilitate processing errors, and send orders, an automated warehousing service has been launched.

Liaservices’ exclusive product delivery system operates to improve the accuracy level of delivering shipments and increase customer satisfaction.

LiaCollege has been set up to provide an academic platform and the best training articles in the field of marketing and online selling.

From A to Z of all processes associated with the sale of Liateam care, health and beauty products to payment, shipping and support are executed on the Liashap e-commerce website.

This system, based on the needs and complications of consumers regarding the use of care and cosmetic products, with the help of artificial intelligence and modern algorithms, and medical information of specialists, offers the best products to Liashop users.

Liacloud launched as a personalized eCommerce website builder platform to help Liateam consultants execute their online sales processes.

This magazine launched as an online media by focusing on beauty and health in five areas, care products, makeup products, skincare, haircare, and fashion & life to deliver the latest and most comprehensive articles and news.

Users and audiences need the assistance of a support team to carry out their activities and interactions in various fields, LiaHelp has been set up to deal with these issues.

Due to the thriving significance of Instagram in increasing brand awareness, sales influence, and despite the complexities of producing exclusive and impressive content, the content bank service launched to produce up-to-date and planned textual and visual content continuously.

METS is a comprehensive online course provider platform founded by LiaServices to optimize learning and educating paths based on gamification.

Widespread sales of care, health, and beauty products by Liateam requires a precise and planned system to supply the products that Liatamin is responsible for.

One of the most crucial businesses of LiaServices is Liateam, which operates as one of the considerably modern and fair direct selling companies in Iran.